Boat and RV Storage

If you own a boat or RV, why not store it in your own private storage condominium at GarageTown. You’ll have full access, 24/7 to your boat or RV and your own private workspace to do any repairs.

And whether you like taking your boat out on Lake Union, Lake Washington or anywhere else in the Puget Sound area, you’ll have a convenient, easy accessible location to do so.

Find out why so many of our customers in the Puget Sound area are enjoying the full control and access of owning their own storage condo. And you can rest assured your property is safe with our 24/7 surveillance and secure, gated community.

Talk to our team today about all the benefits of making a smart investment in commercial real estate by owning your own, private storage condominium at GarageTown.

Call today at 206-947-9416

*limited rentals are also available

Seattle Boat and RV Storage