Classic Car Storage

If you’re a classic car collector, look no further for a place to store your prized possessions.

Owning a GarageTown storage condo means you will have a permanent, safe place for those cars you’ve worked so hard to collect and maintain over the years. Not only will you have your very own showroom to keep your cars, your storage condo will also be a private garage for you to work and keep them in pristine condition.

Imagine being able to finally use your garage at home again and still have your own place to do the things you love most.

With our central location from both Seattle and the Eastside, you will enjoy the convenience of having your private showroom close to home. And you can rest assured your property is safe with our 24/7 surveillance and secure, gated community.

Stop renting and start owning. GarageTown is a proven, great investment in commercial real estate. Let us show you why.

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*limited rentals are also available.

Seattle Car Storage